Christian Education Ministry

Christian Education is a ministry dedicated to continually seeking ways and opportunities to educate, inform and empower congregants in Biblical instruction through various modes, i.e. Bible Discovery, Vacation Bible School, Special Workshops and other venues.

Friday Night Fellowship Ministry

Friday Night Fellowship occurrs the second Friday of each month. This ministry is made up of members and friends who come together in fellowship. They participate in outings which are comprised of attending the movies, plays, eating out, shopping, bowling and other forms of inspiration and recreation. Included in this gathering is a time set aside for regular Bible Study.

Dorcas Ministry

Dorcas Ministry is designed to support global mission projects through the feeding of the hungry, care of the poor, evangelization of the un-churched, hosting of Give-Aways and addressing the needs of missionaries and mission projects throughout the world.

Care Group Ministry

Care Group is a nurturing ministry designed to keep abreast of current membership. This ministry will be responsible for going after those who have been missing from service for more than two weeks. In addition, the ministry identifies resources and services for members who are in need of special care.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry is dedicated and designed to uplift the Name of Jesus through song. This ministry is made up of the Mass Choir, The Praise Team, The Women’s Choir and the Youth Choir. The main focus is to proclaim God through their singing, praising and joyful sounds, while strengthening and enriching the Body of Christ.

Sister’s Circle Ministry

Sister’s Circle is designed to bring women together to study the word of God. This ministry is dedicated to learning God’s Word while strengthening one another through shared experiences. It is a time set aside for sharing and healing, while maintaining a personal and intimate relationship with God.


Christian Education Ministry

Deacon Johnnie Love –

Mission of Christian Education

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8

Christian Education is the teaching ministry of the Church. It provides direction for teaching activities of all ministries, for the main task of Christian Education is to teach the truth about God. Our purpose is to connect people with other believers and ministries of the church, and to coordinate all functions as directed in the Church constitution. Knowledge, perspective, conviction, skills and character are all strands of Christian education, and mark spiritual growth and development. We recognize and make room for the people of God; to give and receive spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional support for the development of a faith driven relationship with God and attainment of eternal life.

Purpose of Christian Education

The purpose of Christian Education is to provide a way for the church to achieve its goal of perpetuating God’s plan. Paul stated that the purpose of teaching was to develop character in those taught. “But the goal of instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience of strong faith.” (I Timothy 1:5)

Our overall purpose is to bring God’s people to HIM and perpetuate His church. God’s Word stands firmly on its own. Christian Education helps Christians understand and express Christianity, and aids them in making connections to God. Good teaching helps us to stay focused on Christ’s examples and avoid extremes that frequently get brought in the church. The focus changes when we take social and cultural trends and mix them with God’s Word. This can lead to confusion and incomplete understanding of Christ’s command to go and make disciples. Each Christian is to first, learn; then go and teach others. God’s church is to worship, provide instruction, fellowship, evangelize, and serve, thus, drawing God’s people closer to Him as they carry out the Great Commission. The ultimate goal is to develop Christ-like character and to have the church family become “doers of the Word, not hearers only”. (James 1:22)

Responsibility of Ministries

Today each church has a responsibility in the ongoing and building up of the Body of Christ. Just as each church is building the Body, each ministry within the church should have as its framework for teaching and doing God’s work the following components:
o Worship
o Instruction
o Fellowship
o Evangelism
o Service
Sunday 8:30am – 9:55am

Sunday 8:30am – 8:55am
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